Food Safety Bill’s Ban on BPA Resisted

Business groups are upset by a proposed amendment that would ban bisphenol-A, a contraversial chemical from food and beverage containers.


FDA Plans to Improve Food Safety during Transport

Harold Frick

This Bloomberg Businessweek article seems to address accidental contamination, what is the FDA and Homeland Security doing to make sure food is safe from tampering?  This is the largest exposure facing the food industry today. This quote from Jeff Farrar, FDA associate commissioner of food protection is particularly telling: “Our aim is to look at every component of the system

NSF International Receives Food Safety Management Systems Accreditation

Harold Frick

Maintaining food safety throughout the entire global supply chain has become a main priority for food companies. Food companies are demanding that quality assurance standards and systems be in place to enhance their overall safety and quality efforts, and implementing ISO 22000 is an effective way to demonstrate this commitment. For safer products and a way to potentially reduce

The Key Ingredient: Safety Culture

William H. Kincaid

The retail sector focuses so strongly on customer service, sales and shrinkage that it has perhaps not been as motivated in the area of employee safety as other, more hazardous industries.  Although the sector makes a substantial investment in accident prevention, additional benefits can be found by looking outside retail to see what works for other sectors. Over my two-decades-plus

The Evils of Behavior-Based Safety

William H. Kincaid

The AFL-CIO’s safety rep Peg Seminario has had a long reign as Washington’s most influential union safety person.  Regarding Behavior-Based Safety she said recently, “There is a growing trend among employers to attempt to shift the responsibility for safety and health onto workers, by adopting behavioral safety and injury discipline programs, instead of fixing workplace hazards.”   Translation:  the USA’s largest