Taking the Deep Dive

There have been numerous studies discussing the importance of top management understanding the day-to-day operations of their companies.  There are many great approaches such as Management by Walking Around (MBWA). Even Television has gotten in on the act with Undercover Boss. Needless to say it is extremely important that top management understand the issues that confront employees everyday, but it is


The Next Pandemic

Harold Frick

Even though it didn’t materialize into a full blown pandemic, H1N1 should be a wakeup call to corporate America.  If not H1N1, what is the next virus lurking in our future that could have catastrophic results? If it happens, is your company prepared?  Have you also considered potential law suits and business interruption?  What types of plans do you have? 

Data Security and Cyber Liability-Stay Tuned

Harold Frick

There are already three states that require retailers to comply with  PCI (payment card industry) data security standards.  The Federal Government is now looking at laws mandating  PCI standards for retailers.  This was the subject of a recent FMI convention in Las Vegas. We will have future posts by key experts discussing Cyber Liability, the threats to retailers and the general public,

Supply and Demand Growing for Product Recall Insurance

Ian Harrison

Spring 2010 – Recall Contamination Market Review At the start of the new decade the specialist market for insurance risk management of product recall and contamination is in good shape from an insurance buyer’s perspective. We have seen a steady growth in both supply of insurance capacity and expertise in this area married to high levels of interest in insurance

The FDA and Imported Foods

Harold Frick

An area of increased concern is the amount of imported food coming to the U.S.  In a recent blog post by Food Navigator-USA it states that 15% of the U.S. food supply comes from imports.  The FDA is inspecting well below 1/2 of 1%  of the 189,000 foreign sites(they only estimate that they will inspect 600 sites in 2010).  This is

First Lettuce Recall of Spring 2010

Fred Travis

Unfortunately for consumers, terrorists do not need to strike at America’s food supply – E.coli is being introduced into the food supply without their help.  With the advent of Spring comes the first lettuce recall of the season.  The following story was published today in The Columbus Dispatch as a follow-up to a story yesterday. As Pogo once said, “We

Workplace Violence

Harold Frick

Workplace Violence is a real threat to those in the Food Industry. Just a couple of months ago, after being dismissed, a female employee at a major grocery chain in Florida, opened fire on a co-worker in the parking lot and then went into the store armed and was ultimately shot by police. According to labor statistics 30% of companies between

What are you doing to reduce the cost of risk at your company?

Harold Frick

Risk Managers must remain visible to survive. In the recent RIMS conference in Boston the importance of visibility for risk managers and their survival was discussed. In the food industry, where margins are razor thin, it is key that the risk manager find ways to reduce the cost of risk and reduce or eliminate exposures to loss. It is easy

FDA Will Change Front of Pack Food Labeling

Lori Hardaway

The FDA is aiming to change the Front of Pack (“FOP”) food labeling.  Its goal is to “maximize the number of consumers who readily notice, understand, and use point-of-purchasing information to make more nutritious choices for themselves and their families.”[1] In its recent Notice, the FDA established a docket to collect data that will establish a scientific foundation for decision-making