Data Security and Cyber Liability-Stay Tuned

Harold Frick
in Legislation,Retail

There are already three states that require retailers to comply with  PCI (payment card industry) data security standards.  The Federal Government is now looking at laws mandating  PCI standards for retailers.  This was the subject of a recent FMI convention in Las Vegas.

We will have future posts by key experts discussing Cyber Liability, the threats to retailers and the general public,  and how the market is continuing to grow.  This coverage is now considered a key coverage by retailers and this exposure represents catastrophic loss potential.  This potential not only includes direct cost, but even a larger issue of reputational cost and the extra expense to regain market share.  Stay tuned for more in depth information…

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  1. Everyone needs a much higher computer/data security awareness. Check a book we use at work, “I.T. WARS” (you can Google it). It has a great Security chapter, and others that treat security. Check the author's FREE blog, “The Business-Technology Weave” (Google to that too) – it's hosted at IT Knowledge Exchange – a site that gets over a million hits a month – it has great Question/Answer forums for everything technical and otherwise – ALL FREE. Highly recommended.

    Comment by janice33rpm — May 16, 2010 @ 5:48 pm

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