CMS Issues New Section 111 NGHP User Guide

Version 3.1 of the new NGHP user guide, dated 07/12/2010 was issued this past week by CMS. Click here for the updated Guide.   Changes from the previously issued version (3.0) may be found at Section 1, starting at page 6. Here are some of the more important highlights for consideration as well as related commentary. 1. Section 7.1 of the


Slip and Fall Reform Helps Florida Businesses and Protects Injured Parties

William Large

This year, the Florida Legislature passed slip and fall reform by an overwhelming majority in both chambers—32 to 5 in the Senate, and 110 to 2 in the House. This reformwas a priority for Florida’s business community. The need for slip and fall reform was prompted by a 2002 ruling by the Florida Supreme Court:  Owens v. Publix. This case

U.S. District Court Judge Orders Medicare Beneficiary to Provide Social Security and /or Medicare Identifying Information to Defendants in Liability Discovery Dispute

Roy Franco

Is a Medicare beneficiary required to respond to legal discovery for Medicare information before a case is resolved through settlement, award, judgment or other payment? One U.S. District Court out of Nebraska has recently said yes in the case of Gary E. Seger et. al. vs. Tank Collection, LLC et. al (2010) U.S. Dist. LEXIS 49013. The ruling no doubt

Information and Commentary on Pharmacy in the Workers Compensation System

William M. Zachry

Introduction A basic responsibility of the workers compensation claims administrator is to support and facilitate the medical treatment process. Theoretically, the right drug or medical treatment at the right time will maximize recovery and result in the earliest possible return to work, with the least possible residual disability. Too much, or too little medical treatment does not optimize clinical outcomes,