Contract Risk: Large-scale commercial farming leases in the SADC will be prone to significant risks of cancellation and revision.

South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Tanzania, Africa, Gabon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Republic of Congo, Namibia, Madagascar Rising commodity prices and growing global concerns over food security are driving increased investment in African commercial farming. Agricultural investment within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is primarily driven by South Africa, which has the most advanced agricultural sector on the continent. However, a lack


Health Reform and the Impact on the Food Industry

Mark Holloway

Comprehensive health reform has arrived. More than 900 pages in length, the law contains a dizzying array of new requirements for employer-based health plans. Violations of the rules are enforced by new penalties that are up to $100 per day, per affected individual. Although the law is very unpopular with the business community, it is likely here to stay. Even

Medicare Secondary Payer Update

Roy Franco

The Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSPA)[1] is a game changer for claims offices across the country.  Whether it is adjusting worker’s compensation or general liability claims, no line of business will escape impact from this law where a Medicare beneficiary is also a claimant.  Employers, liability insurance carriers and those that self insure for those exposures, are now designated as