Russia is likely to lift its wheat export ban in July 2011 due to relatively better harvest expectations.

Peril: Contract Risk Sectors, Assets or Individuals Affected: Agriculture/Wheat exports Analysis: A 12 February 2011 government decree, published on 16 February, states that the government is taking extra precautionary measures to cap diesel and gasoline prices sold to agricultural producers at 1 November 2010 prices, with a further 10% discount. Oil companies, rather than the state, will cover the shortfall


Wisconsin Improves Civil Justice, Enacts Tort Reforms

Esther McDonald

Wisconsin businesses won a victory last week when Governor Scott Walker signed legislation limiting liability claims and excessive awards in civil litigation. The measure earlier passed the state legislature along party lines. The new law includes several key reforms. First, the law imposes statutory caps on punitive damages and, in limited cases, non-economic damages. The law limits punitive damages to

Medicare Advantage Plans Have No Private MSP Cause of Action for Reimbursement

Roy Franco

Before today, it was unclear what rights, if any, a Medicare Advantage Plan had under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. Most felt that recovery rights of a Medicare Advantage Plan were the same as traditional Medicare under Parts A & B. That’s because 42 C.F.R. §422.108 granted Medicare Advantage Plans the same rights as the Secretary which was thought to

Commercial Risks Arising from Egypt.

Rafael Gomes

Executive Summary Events have moved along the lines of Scenario One (see below) issued at 2045 GMT on 28 January. This report spells out the likely commercial consequences. Commercial Consequences Contract and expropriation risks: some re-nationalisation in the manufacturing and industrial sector (or at least slowdown in the privatisation drive); assets associated with Ahmed Ezz (Ezz Steel, exporter of steel