Ian Chuang on The Obesity Crisis in the U.S.

Harold Frick
in food,safety

Lockton medical director Ian Chuang, in his recent white paper, The Obesity Crisis and its Health Risk Management Options, revealed some startling statistics about obesity: nearly 74 percent of the adults in the U.S. 20 and older are either overweight or obese. And – people that are obese spend at least $2,800 more for medical care than “normal weight” people. This is truly a crisis. We all know healthcare spending is up, and according to Dr. Chuang’s paper, the increase in obesity accounts for 12 percent of the growth in spending.  What makes Dr. Chuang’s paper worth reading front to back is that he’s not speaking up, then taking a bow and exiting the stage. He’s proposing obesity management options: from diet and nutrition, to physical activity, to pharmalogic interventions, to addressing psychosocial factors, and also bariatric surgery – he examines them all. Read Dr. Chuang’s paper to see why we all should care about this crisis impacting so many Americans.


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