National Health Care

Harold Frick
in Legislation

National Health Care will drastically change the way companies will do business in the future.  From legislative issues, to Health Risk Management, to making the decision to even carry health insurance will be foremost on the minds of CEO’s, CFO’s, and HR Directors in the next few years.  Will the law stay as is in the future, or will the individual mandates be deemed unconstitutional?  Will the Exchanges be the last resort, or will more employers simply terminate their health coverage and let the exchanges provide coverages? How will employers handle all the requirements?  What will employers do about voluntary benefits, about seasonal or part time employees? 

There is a great and informative blog that now addresses those issues Even though the full mandate does not occur until 2014, employers are planning now.  This blog is a good way to stay abreast of what is happening in the health care arena and gives quantitative information on what employers are thinking and doing about National Health Care.

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