US-EU Organic Trade Agreement

Good news for organic food producers!  Organic food trade between the United States and the European Union will be getting easier this summer.  The two countries have signed an agreement allowing products meeting the organic standards in one country to be sold in the other.  This mutually beneficial arrangement broadens the organic market without imposing further burdens on manufacturers creating


The Blurry Line Between Beverages and Dietary Supplements: The FDA Position

Lori Hardaway

That the beverage industry has been an area of rapid growth is no surprise to anyone. Beginning about 20 years ago with the introduction of Red Bull, the market has seen the onslaught of products touting increased energy, promoting relaxation, and a host of other health benefits. These products usually claim to be dietary supplements, but the Food and Drug

FDA Will Change Front of Pack Food Labeling

Lori Hardaway

The FDA is aiming to change the Front of Pack (“FOP”) food labeling.  Its goal is to “maximize the number of consumers who readily notice, understand, and use point-of-purchasing information to make more nutritious choices for themselves and their families.”[1] In its recent Notice, the FDA established a docket to collect data that will establish a scientific foundation for decision-making