Ade Onitolo

Ade is the overall lead on political risk analysis output at Exclusive Analysis. He is a political economist and has worked on regional analysis on Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. He spent 12 years in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as a member of the Diplomatic Service and the Government Economic Service. In his most recent position at the FCO, he headed its Africa Strategy Unit, building on his four-year posting to South Africa where he headed the Political-Economic team in the British High Commission.

Ade has also spent four years in the European Commission in Brussels working on various EU foreign policy issues, including North East Asia and Iraq post-war reconstruction. During the 2008-9 banking crisis, Ade spent a year in the financial stability unit at HM Treasury. Ade has an MSc and Postgraduate Certificate in Economics from Birkbeck College (1995-1997). He did his first degree in Languages (French, German) and International Studies at Southbank University.